Who we are

Although we form part of a national and international network, HLB Den Hartog retains its local focus in Rotterdam and The Hague. Our 50 employees from the region speak the language of the local businesses and are committed to our clients. Our professionals know the dynamics of SMEs, know what is happening and recognise opportunities for their clients. The worldwide presence of HLB enables us to serve you beyond the borders too. Through our international HLB-network we can help you to do business in more than 110 countries. There is effective...Lees verder

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International tax services

The world is becoming smaller. Globalisation and the internet have provided new perspectives and opened up new markets that can be conquered. You can make the best use of your opportunities when you can build on local help from consultants who know all the ins and outs of the relevant tax system for example. You can avoid the risk of surprises when you know the local rules, including all the pitfalls, rates and periods you need to take into account. We can advise you on how the correct company structure in different countries can produce...Lees verder

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Corporate Finance

Does the financial structure still suit the actual state of affairs of my company? Perhaps I’ll sell my business…What’s it worth? Should I invest in a new company or shall I look for an acquisition? Either way, I want to make sure I pay a fair price and I don't want to run any unnecessary risks. For all these corporate finance questions please contact the specialists of HLB Den Hartog. They support you with the purchase and sale of businesses, financing, valuation, and due diligence. To make sure that you can continue your business with...Lees verder

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The face of HLB

S.T.M. (Steven) ten Hagen RAPartner

Steven ten Hagen (1965) started his career with Moret & Limperg (now Ernst & Young) in The Hague in 1989, where he gained 20 years of experience with large and medium-sized auditing instructions and with compiling and consultancy work… Lees verder

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