VAT and Costums

Many entrepreneurs see VAT as a burden that offers no opportunities. You have to pay it and that’s it. Yet there are opportunities in the area of VAT... and risks. Think about it, how much VAT do you pay in a year? You have to pay it even during years when you do less well.

Then there is your business across the border. No doubt you receive bills from abroad or you send them invoices. Every country has its own VAT rules. If you engage in physical trade abroad, you have to cope with customs rules to boot.

Our VAT specialists know all the pitfalls and see the opportunities. They like to share that knowledge. An example? Consider leasing property. It will have been up for sale for a long time and is then leased. If you’re not careful, a large part of repaid VAT from the past may have to be paid back. Better to avoid that.

Would you like to know your VAT situation? Please contact your HLB consultant for a VAT scan for property, international trade and transport.