Transferring shares, succession, mergers, selling your business, determining economic damage, fiscal issues and legal procedures - the world of business means that you will need to know the market value of something at some point. That’s not the same as the accounting value and is often a cause for confusion.

In order to determine the economic value, our business transfer agents – valuation experts – work on the basis of the recognised method of the Netherlands Institute for Register Valuators. In this method the determining factor is the cash flow, and the future cash flow in particular. We also pay attention to the risk profile of the company that you wish to buy or sell. The expert makes an assessment of the business risks and translates those into a return requirement. Ultimately, this should produce an answer to the question ‘what is the maximum investment that can be earned back with the future anticipated cash flow?’

Our final valuation report provides you with an excellent analysis of the situation and a thorough substantiation of the principles we applied and that led to the valuation. This report can provide you with adequate support to arrive at pricing during a share transaction for example.