Business transfer

You’re on the eve of selling your business. Or perhaps you would like to acquire one? That’s quite an undertaking – technically (for example in terms of financial, fiscal or legal aspects) as well as emotionally. Where do you find a prospective buyer? What about the fiscal consequences? You have to carry out due diligence, determine the value of your company, negotiate, perhaps even take your leave of the world of business altogether.

During this process it is comforting to know that you can rely on full or partial acquisition support from a reliable partner. Our specialists know their way through the not so transparent acquisition and financing market that is often hard to fathom for laypersons and we are member of the Netherlands Institute for Register Valuators (NIRV) and the Sector Organisation of Acquisition Brokers (BOBB).

Years of experience mean that we can advise and support knowledgeably on any aspect of the acquisition process. An acquisition process is often underestimated, creating significant chances of disappointment. How often do we hear that with hindsight an acquisition proved to be a failure. A safe feeling to have a competent consultant alongside you during these important strategic decisions. We’re dealing with major interests here - YOURS.